Rust Hack MITS



“Open-source software became so deeply embedded into tech that it’s hard to remember how radical mozilla was to open the source of firefox’s predecessor 20 years ago!”


For a little broader focus on technology in general, while still having a foothold on other web browsers, one should never forget the contribution made by Mozilla Firefox with its tremendously safe and salient features.

Mozilla witnessed its 20th anniversary this Saturday, 31st March, 2018.

The team of MozillaMITS club, an extension of Mozilla Community Rajasthan, found it a privilege to celebrate the same. Under the skilled guidance of our club leaders Ms. Neha Agarwal and Ms. Romani Jossan and our Mozilla Rep. Mr. Shahbaz Alam, we organised an event “Rust Hack MITS”, which was an introductory session on RUST. It was overwhelming seeing the turn up from our college apart from the team members.

Various features of RUST were discussed and a parallel comparison was made with the other web browsers so as to make people aware of the benefits of the the open source language. All the noticeable and distinctive attributes like its safety, concurrency, practicality and blazingly fast speed were discussed in detail. It uses CARGO which makes it better in every aspect. Even being a low-level language, it is very convenient and consistent to use. Also the fact that it’s compiler itself is written in Rust stands out the most.

The people were enthralled upon seeing the excessively long list of companies who have already switched to Rust.

With this, the attendees realised the gravity of the edge they’d have over people who aren’t acquainted with the language. The session was made interactive by throwing in miscellaneous and heterogeneous questions which kept everyone on their toes. Active participants were awarded with Mozilla Swags.

The perfect icing on the cake was when, at the end of the session a game called ‘Twister’ was played very enthusiastically by every team member and all the attendees of the event, starting from first year to fourth year.

We added a spin of our own to the classic game – rather than playing it with multiple colours, we replaced the slots with four different logos which have correspondence with Mozilla, namely – Duck Duck Go, A-frame, Nightly and Rust. The game had a learning factor of its own as the participants got to know about the other three programs to some extent.

The session was a huge hub for gaining knowledge and having fun at the same time. It thus came to an end on a happy and successful note.


Edited by:                                                                                                                              Arshiya Sinha






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